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A linck to Cliff Kinch's Buy The Sea page

Carousel are the UK's biggest distributer of calendars with over 6.5million calendars and diaries distributed annually

I am really pleased to have two of my images selected. Once again I am in 2 of their 2023 Cotswolds calendars, and have just heard they have selected 2 images for the Oxford 2024 range

Cardtoons publish things that are different, whether it be the cartoon designs on postcards and maps or the high quality images used in the varying and different postcard formats, everything is unique.

These days they have hundreds of products if you count each individual postcard, and as they have done throughout our history they look to create new products every year.

Cardtoons is my newest outlet, using images of the Lake District across their range. I have been longing to get my Lakes pictures into a company that is popular across Cumbria, and now they are there!

Heading off to the beach at any time of year, with a fresh breeze off the sea, can be so exhilarating. Most of us have very fond memories associated with the sea; it probably all starts with buckets and spades as kids, brisk walks with friends and family or maybe even fossil hunting. With this in mind Buy the Sea's online store offers gifts and accessories to recall those happy times and to help in creating new ones.

As a small company, they pride ourselves on the friendly, personal service for which they have become known and hope you find something of interest among the many seaside and nautical gifts they have to offer, little luxuries, beautiful presents and special gifts

My collaboration with Buy The Sea is a really good one. Specialising in coastal artwork they give me an outlet for images  of that nature where the buyers are searching for that very theme. They take a personal interest in the quality of the images and allow me the format in which they are displayed. With a number of sales already made I aim to continue and expand on this partnership for a long time to come.

A ling to Cliff Kinch's photo4me gallery

Photo4me have created a huge Gallery of high quality photographs created by photographers from all over the world.

They believe that in their collection there’s a picture you would love to have as Wall Art in your home – and they’ve developed a highly sophisticated search tool to help you find it.

Photo4me allows my artwork to be developed into prints that I could never do otherwise. Great quality canvas, huge acrylic prints and a wide audience means my work is able to be seen across the world and Photo4me take care of everything. Already with sales under my belt Im really pleased to be contributing to this outlet.

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