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The strength and colours of our Nature and Wildlife 

Nature has a habit of serving up a decent picture in its own good time. I have waited many an hour for a close-up of a red kite, but “Soaring High” just popped up unexpectedly on a storm-laden day. So too “Jenny Wren”, notoriously skittish, this one stayed just long enough. 

Other times you need to force the occasion. An OK sort of day for “Linger in Lavender” but when no-one else is around and you set your model the task of just walking to the top through the deep undulating purple of the lavender at Snowshill, you tend not to worry about the weather.

Zebra jumping spider
Tree reflections
urban colour pop
Sunrays Panorama
storm brewing
splintered heartbeat
red kite
Ruby pearls
Precious Rubies
Make a wish
Leaf decay
kestrel hunting
Kestrel resting
Icy fingers
Hairy highland cow
hairy coo
dandelion macro photography
cobweb pearls
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