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Inspired by Local sights and Landscapes


The scope of subjects in Oxfordshire seems limitless, whether inside Oxford itself, or in the sights of the county but no matter the subject, the weather helps paint the canvas many ways even though the subject matter doesn’t change. “Milcombe in Mist” is a prime example. A short walk to the top of Fern Hill looking for a decent sunrise over the village changed when a mist rolled in. It changed the whole feel of the morning and allowing a much better image to be captured.


If you don’t like the weather, use some imagination, as I did with “Summoning the Sunrise”. The woods around the stone circle means that sunrise and sunset are difficult to capture, unless you let your imagination run riot with Photoshop.


The usual touristy pictures of Oxford seem to concentrate on the sandstone buildings. Striking as they are, don’t forget the effort to splash colour on the shops of High Street seen from above in “Rainbows and Rafters”, which provides a lovely colourful contrast.

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