Cliff Kinch

Always happier behind a lens than in front of one, I got the camera bug in my teens and my first SLR in 1980 with a Zenit EM (it was the Russian Olympic edition) I thought its was the business. As it was all manual had to learn a lot about exposure, focus and film speed rather than just point and shoot. I learned to develop my own films and slides and with a Pentax ME Super had a great few years shooting. Then came work. Lots of it and the devotion slipped for quite a while.


I picked up a Pentax MZ-50 (still upstairs) and the bug got me again. Now fully digitised with a Nikon D610 I aim at landscapes, wildlife and birds of prey in particular, and contribute to the calendar publishers Infocado. 

Self-taught in Photoshop I can adapt pictures and have been restoring some tired old photographs for friends and family for their own family trees

Current project is seasonal shots across the Cotswolds and I'm never without a camera now, even if its on the phone but prefer to be using a DSLR


Shoot with what you have, anytime