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When I started taking pictures with my first “proper camera”, everything was on 35mm film and all black and white which I developed myself. I’ve never lost the love I have for black and white in spite of the depth and range of colours and tones that can be achieved with colour and manipulation tools like Lightroom and Photoshop. But I don’t miss the process of developing old films one bit!


These images, although originally taken in colour, I felt best lend themselves to either the strong contrasts as you can see in “The long road ahead” and “Heart of the Highlands” or the soft tones and gentle focus of “Sensation”.

Drawn to the view
urban colour pop
splintered heartbeat
rollright panorama
Oxford skyline monochrome
Sail away
long path ahead
Make a wish
Icy fingers
Heart of teh Highlands
Coniston Jetty
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