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Captivate yourself with this vision of the past when times were simpler. Captured with the essence of history, this print won’t only bring you a sense of nostalgia but will develop a touch of culture to your sitting room. A perfect conversation starter.


What on Earth is Digital Fine Art?


Lockdown meant that venturing out with a camera had to wait for safer times. So, I picked up an online Digital Fine Art course as I was intrigued how some example images seemed transformed into oil  or watercolour paintings.


The textures I created are images of simple things like cloth, brickwork, wood, or stone then manipulated in Photoshop to provide, on the face of it, a random image but blended over some of my own images, the effect really stands out.


I have learned that not every image suits this technique, but I am pleased with these results.


A3 print in a white glass-fronted, wooden frame
Free P&P to UK Mainland, all other destinations please contact me before checkout

Shipping time 3-5 business days


Mills of Old

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